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DE HAAS ROTTERDAM SHIPYARD introduces complete shipyard services with a ships synchro lift for lifting and launching vessels and floating objects up to 3000 tons. With a focus on Tug- and Workboats, SuperYachts and other Specials, vessels can be lifted for inspection, cleaning, maintenance and repairs. High quality and safe. Specialised in vessels with thrusters.

Synchro Ships Lift

The synchro lift, originally designed for lifting submarines, is fully prepared for docking and lifting any kind of vessel or floating object. The lift platform measuring 70 x 15 meters is controlled by 22 synchronised hydraulic winches through a modernised control system. Vessels are positioned by mooring winches and capstans. Connections for (shore) power, compressed air, fresh water, fire water, acetylene, oxygen and cooling water are available. The vessels can be docked and horizontally transported on heavy duty Modular Transport Platforms (MTP’s) with hydraulic stabilizers integrated sludge tanks.

The yard site at the DE HAAS ROTTERDAM SHIPYARD offers 120 x 50 meters on both sides of the lift available for docking vessels and execution of all kind of yard services. Access is controlled by fencing and 24/7 security services.


Length70 meters
Width15 meters


Max. load3100 tons dynamic,
3400 tons static
70 tons / m1